Technology is extremely prevalent today, and the importance and impact of such, is the focus of my practice. Being a millennial that grew up surrounded by technology, I have seen how these developments have rapidly advanced and thus impacted and taken hold of our daily lives. The internet has made everything far too accessible, social media has meant we lack direct social communication and data tracking means our privacy is continuously being compromised. Such issues are the focus of my practice, but more recently, there has been a concentration on surveillance and personal data tracking and how this infringes upon our privacy and our understanding of what is reality and what is not.


The mediums I work with are digital print, text, sound, moving image and installation. My earlier works include digital prints and moving imagery that explore the incompetency’s of digital developments and how these incompetency’s can create glitches that are unusually beautiful and obscure. More recently, my practice has shifted towards the link between technological developments and its’ impact on our privacy; specifically our personal data and how, as a society, we are continuously monitored through cctv surveillance.

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